Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yet, Joy

Isn't it interesting how our circumstances dictate our mood?

Maybe it's not true of you... but it often is of me.  How was your day today?  Brad will ask when he gets home from work.  My response 95% of the time seems to be based on WHAT happened.

I accomplished so much of my "to do" list and the girls behaved exactly as I had wished, so my day was fabulous.  Or, Harper was fussier than normal, so my day was OK.  Maddie was a bit more sassy than normal, so it was rough.  A friend and I cried over a broken situation, so it was terrible.

Joy quickly sapped, I can become gloomy, inner-focused and downright icky to be around.  My day is defined by that... then, life.

I hold in HIGH regard, the ability to provide space for us to process through grief and hardship, questions and pain.

There are definitely days that are HAPPIER than others.

But what about joy?  Joy as opposed to happiness.

When I think of joy, I think of a deep limitless well bubbling up with a constant supply of fresh water.  It's available.   Deep.  Present and peaceful.  It's foundational.

And... I would say, more often than not, it's a choice.

In the midst of all life has to offer, do we truly have the ability to CHOOSE joy?  Dare I say, I think so.

What will I choose?  Will I choose to be brought down by circumstances or will I choose something else?  Something that can completely redefine my circumstances... even the not-so happy ones.

I don't know about you, but I want that deep, strong, peace-bringing and life-giving JOY.

I believe God celebrates (dances even perhaps) daily over us.  Over all of creation.  Over his world.  Does his heart break for hurt and pain?  Yes.

Yet, joy.

Joy that it is all coming to pass as it should.

Joy that people are healed and forgiveness is given.

Joy that new life is happening each day.

The joy that creation declares on a moment-by-moment basis.

Joy that comes straight from the bubbling source, our Father God.  Beautiful, loving, full of grace.

And living in us.  Available each day in raw Holy Spirit form.

I WANT THAT.  And more of it.  Farewell, feelings of defeat and disdain.  Hello, Holy Spirit, living in me, able to do far more than we ever think or imagine.
Yep.  I choose joy.

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