Tuesday, March 13, 2012


To Maddie~

Well, my darling baby girl... you are 5.

Gone are the days of babyhood and toddlerhood, in your own little world, you have arrived!  And, you're already anticipating 6. :)

You are so excited to be big and "grown up."  You can't wait to be old enough to go into the woods by yourself, drive a car, get married, have a baby (as long as no shots are involved).  You are independent, recently, easily embarrassed.  You love laughter, but want to be reassured that no one is laughing at your expense or anyone else's.  You love to play pretend!  Most of your sentences these days begin with, "You can be... and I can be..." (inserting any name of Barbies, princesses, fantastical creatures or woodland animals).  You are 5 and you love it.

You look forward to kindergarten and I must say, you seem so ready for it.  You use big words and when you're unsure of the context, you ask, learn, lock it in and use it correctly the next go 'round.  You are fiercely independent, yet still like having us around... to play with, read with & snuggle or rub your back.

Most days now I feel like we parent you well.  And on the days where we mess up and are still learning, please forgive us.  I am daily trying to embody and embrace your little worldview, as I feel God wants to continue to teach me much through you, my lovely.

You talk to Him on a regular basis now and often He talks back to you.  Sometimes you share what he tells you and it carries me for days.  Sometimes you don't and I smile because I love that too.

Most days I have no regrets, but when I do, I hope I haven't pushed you too hard or too far... you already at times seem to demand that of yourself.  I hope I have embraced your creative and bubbly, energetic, talkative self often and fully enough.

I hope (above all), you feel peace in your home, with us and that you know (beyond a shadow of a doubt) how deeply and unconditionally you are loved... just the way you are!

Happy Birthday my amazing lady.


{Waiting patiently for the party guests to arrive}

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