Thursday, October 11, 2012

33 Years In: A Declaration

Here I am.  Thirty-three years into this journey and loving it.

There is so much to be thankful for over the past year.  Thinking back to November 2011 when Brad first visited Bethel... so much has happened.  God, we are experiencing your powerful love in so many new ways.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around it all and praying for the truth of it all to sink deeply into my heart and affect my day-to-day life greatly.  I find myself learning to dwell on the past and my "fails" less and instead, repent and quickly turn my eyes to You.  With our eyes focused on you, Lord, we recognize that the atmosphere we walk in (the Holy Spirit living in us- carrying your presence) is always so much greater than any problems we face.  When my eyes slip from You and focus more on the problems of life, it can quickly become about me and what I (in my own strength) can or can't do, instead of what YOU empower ME to do with your strength.

So, on this, my thirty-third year, I am declaring that...
This year will be greater than the last.  This year will be a year of hope, thankfulness & joy.  When I have a rough day and find my eyes slipping from You, I will practice thankfulness.

When I feel a bit of hopelessness creeping in, I will stop and provide space to simply be with You, wallow in Your goodness and realign my identity to a place defined by Your great love for me, instead of my attempts to love You.

When I find myself taking life too seriously, I will ask for more joy and remind myself of the bigger picture... and probably put on some loud music & declare a family dance party too. :)

This year I will love recklessly and without fear.  I will speak truth over myself, my family and others in place of lies we may be believing.  I will step out in faith, knowing your love for others through me is so important and always worth it.  I will choose to see, remember & speak life instead of death.  I will recognize your abundant blessings and give to others from that abundant place.

I will not put you in a box, God.  I will ask You what you're dreaming about, listen, see how we fit into it and dream boldly with You.  I will recognize what unique gifts you've placed in Brad and our two beautiful girls and I will celebrate them with uninhibited joy.  I will give grace to others and be thankful for the graciousness in those around me.

I will let You love me abundantly and rest in it... because it is what You love to do.

Psalm 103:1-5

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  1. Love :). So glad for your life and friendship.