Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Two Days

Two days.  Saturday and Sunday.  Lots of life.  Time together and with others.  Here are some pictures that capture a bit of it all.  Thinking also of the moments not captured on film: the gift of a big "comfort" meal with new friends, chatting over coffee & tea after the girls are in bed... learning more about their lives.  Seeing salmon at the river.  Puzzles and books.  A bit of crocheting.  Sunday naps.  A movie with Maddie.  Feeling full and thankful.

i guess the leaves finally do change here.  it even smelled like fall... ahh.

walks and bike rides in the park.  exploring everything around us.

some "nature." we ended up taking lots of nature home.

harper at the park.  wanting to walk everywhere now!

maddie swinging. still amazed at how high she can go all by herself! oh, what 
happens in that summer after turning 5.

a fun new hair style.

game time with daddy.

painting pumpkins!

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